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ThemeForest affiliate program is part of the Envato marketplace. Currently it has over 17.000 website templates and themes for WordPress, Joomla, Magento and even PDS files. Their affiliate program offer 30% of the first deposit which a new client makes. For example, if you reffer a new client and he deposits $200 you will get $60. At […]

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2014 popular Google searches

Google released its 2014 top searches. As you might guess “ebola”, “world cup” and “ice bucket challenge” were in top 10 most search phrases. Besides these Jennifer Lawrence won the most search people category (I think you know why…) and James Rodriguez was #1 in sports search.

You can find other search categories here.

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Centering a div inside another div

Centering divs in other containers it’s tricky for a lot of newbies. Below you will find the quickest and easiest way to center a div inside another div.
<div style=”width:100%”>
<div style=”width:100px; margin:auto”>Center text</div>
Notice I added 100% width to the parent div so it will be as wide as the browser screen. After that, the child div […]

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This week’s news


Barack Obama is officialy the first US president that know how to code. Present at “Hour to code” event, Obama helped by Hadi Parvoti ( co-founder) wrote hist first line of code – moveForward(100);. The code was part of a tutorial which moved a game character using JavaScript. (more)


A company called Smappee designed a device that attaches to you home’s fuse […]

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Can’t connect to wireless network (Windows 7)

A few days ago I went to a place where I was before and previously connected my laptop to WiFi. The network and password didn’t change but I couldnt’ connect. Near the network’s name it was a strange error message “The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of […]

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Twitter Bootstrap not working on IE8

Twitter Bootstrap 3 is supported by Internet Explorer 8 but there are a few things you need to do (the right way) in order to work. Including html5shiv and respond js will not suffice sometimes.

<!–[if lt IE 9]>
<script src=”/html5shiv.min.js”></script>
<script src=”/respond.min.js”></script>

So if you don’t manage to […]

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Css3 box-shadow Mario

A couple of weeks ago I attended Ana’s presentation on CSS at SmartWebConf. I was amazed by what you can do with only one div and lots of CSS. This was just what I needed to start diving in CSS3. I started by opening an account on codepen (really useful tool) and in about 25-30 […]

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10 things you can optimize on your website [Kindle Edition]

If you are a website owner, there are a lot of things you can optimize on your website. Using my experience I wrote a short book about 10 things you can optimize on your website. The items are SEO and usability related and fairly easy to implement. The book contains examples and pieces of code […]

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Fiverr scams – Click Adsense ads

Fiverr is a website where people offer a lot of services for just 5 bucks. If you don’t know by now, a lot of these gigs (as they are called) are scams or low quality services. Today I want to tell you about an online marketing gig which should offer 10 Adsense clicks for just $5. The offer […]

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5 premium red & responsive WordPress themes

Here is a fresh batch of responsive and red WordPress themes for your website. All the themes are premium. You won’t get this quality and support for free so I think it’s the best choice. All the themes have custom control panel, documentation, support from the author and lots of cool stuff. Let’s see them […]

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