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About me

Tanar clujean care implicat in sectorul IT din Cluj-Napoca de peste 10 ani, fiind prezent in diferite ramuri ale industriei precum gaming, web-development, QA, SEO, marketing afiliat si startups. De-a lungul anilor am construit cateva proiecte personale care fie au fost vandute, fie continua sa produca valoare in mediul online si in societate.

Acest blog contine postari in limba Romana si Engleza. Articolele tehnice si de interes international sunt scrise in limba Engleza. Urmariti categoriile RO si EN. Multumesc.

I’m a young IT guy from Cluj-Napoca (ROMANIA) with over 10 years of experience in different IT branches like gaming, web-development, QA, SEO, affiliate marketing and startups. During the last few years I created a series of personal projects that have either been sold or continue to create value in the online area and our society.

This blog has posts in Romanian and English. Tehnical and international articles are written in English. Please follow the corresponding categories RO and EN. Thanks.

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